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BlackMail Membership

BlackMail Membership offers first access to a selection of wines from the acclaimed Blackbird portfolio of wines crafted by winemaker Aaron Pott. Select your preferred wines and choose your shipment program to create your own tailor-made wine experience.

Member Benefits
  • Qualify for "Pricing in Perpetuity" to lock in your price for life.
  • Acquire exclusive Blackbird Vineyards library and BlackMail member-only wines.
  • Enjoy complimentary portfolio tastings for up to six people.
  • Receive inclusive ground shipping on all orders.

Pricing In Perpetuity

Through BlackMail membership, Pricing in Perpetuity is an opportunity for you to secure guaranteed pricing for life on your preferred Blackbird bottlings. Simply commit to any (or all) of the annual minimum membership purchases listed below and your price on the selected wines and quantities will be secured for the lifetime of your membership.

To participate in Pricing in Perpetuity, we invite you to become a BlackMail member. If you're already a member and meet the requirements, you will automatically be enrolled.

*Wine Options *Minimum Annual Quantity *Guaranteed Bottle Pricing (as of January 2019)
Illustration     6     $135
Paramour     6     $135
Contrarian     6     $135
Arise     12     $58
Dissonance     24     $32
Arriviste     24     $28

*Applies to current vintage offerings only. Library wines excluded.

$28.00 per bottle
Dissonance Bird
$32.00 per bottle
Arise Bird
$58.00 per bottle
Illustration Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Paramour Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird

Blackbird Portfolio Collection

(Arriviste, Dissonance, Arise, Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian)
Contrarian Bird

Blackbird Principal Wine Collection

(Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian)

Curate your membership above to gain access to the member-only, 100% varietal BlackMail Wines.

Contrarian Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird

Blackbird Vineyards BlackMail Collection

(BlackMail Merlot, BlackMail Cabernet Franc, BlackMail Cabernet Sauvignon)