Blackbird Vineyards Membership offers first access to a selection of wines from the acclaimed Blackbird portfolio of wines crafted by winemaker Aaron Pott. Select your preferred wines and choose your shipment program to create your own tailor-made wine experience.

Member Benefits
  • Premium Access - Acquire the entire portfolio of Blackbird Vineyard wines and BlackMarket offerings
  • Customized wine allocation
  • Inclusive ground shipping on all purchases
  • Complimentary upgraded shipping for membership allocations
  • Complimentary Tasting Experiences - Virtual tastings and private tasting experiences at Blackbird's tasting annex, RiverHouse, in downtown Napa
$20.00 per bottle
Dissonance Bird
$20.00 per bottle
Arise Bird
$45.00 per bottle
Illustration Bird
$90.00 per bottle
Paramour Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird
$135.00 per bottle
Contrarian Bird

Blackbird Portfolio Collection

(Arriviste, Dissonance, Arise, Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian)
Contrarian Bird

Blackbird Principal Wine Collection

(Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian)